Ian Mausner: How to Prepare to Invest

Ian Oliver Mausner is a seasoned financial advisor and money manager who, for three decades, focused on helping his clients build wealth through investing and management.

Before you’re ready to start investing with financial-savvy experts like Ian Mausner, you’ll need to prepare. Steps like those below are just the beginning:

  • Ditch the Debt.

Investing while you’re in debt isn’t good business. Any earnings you make from investing will unlikely compare to the money you spend on interest each month that you’re in debt. Stop using your credit cards and come up with a plan to get rid of your debt.

Pick from the popular strategies that you can find online or in books and, once you’ve decided, follow one carefully until you’re completely debt-free.

  • Save Money.

Without liquid savings for emergencies and unexpected expenses, you shouldn’t be locking your money in investing. Once you’re debt-free (or before you begin paying down debt, depending on your approach) save enough money to live off of for six months. The exact amount will depend on your cost of living.

While saving money, do not touch what you have and put as much as you can into your savings every month until you reach your goal.

  • Plan for Retirement.

After you have a comfortable savings cushion and are free from debt, your first investments should be in your future comfort. If you’re not already saving as much as you can for retirement, start doing so.

Work with a retirement planner to determine how much you will need to retire and what it’ll take to get there and start putting your money into it.

Once you feel like you’re ready to invest – or even before you think you’re prepared – speak with a specialist like Ian Mausner to get started. You won’t regret the professional assistance.


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