Ian Mausner – Helping People Connect

Ian Mausner has demonstrated a very clear pattern throughout his professional career. Everything he does benefits other people in some significant way. Of course, there is more to life than money, but financial security can allow you to focus on your family and other things that are meaningful to you. As a financial adviser and money manager, he has helped countless people enjoy ongoing financial stability. He did this when he was working for financial firms, and he continued to build on his successes when he founded his own financial management company back in 2004.

Ian Mausner

This is a man who does not like to sit still very often, and he is always trying to make a positive difference. At the present time, Ian Mausner operates three different companies, and they all help people. One of the companies is a financial advice and money management concern called Evolution, LLC. The other financial oriented company is called Sunshine, LLC. Many people have good startup ideas, but they don’t really know how to turn their dreams into reality. This company provides ongoing strategic guidance for entrepreneurs who are initiating startup projects.

The third company that he is heavily involved with right now is True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting, LLC. This company exists to provide relationship guidance. He has written an e-book that serves as a guide to successful relationship building, and it is now available in hard copy form as well. This is an extraordinarily meaningful area, and the guidance that he provides is invaluable. Sadly, a high percentage of marriages end in divorce these days, and many single people find it difficult to find that special long-term connection. Ian Oliver Mausner helps people find and maintain love, and this may be his greatest contribution as a business person.

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Ian Mausner – Keeping Active

Ian Mausner is certainly an individual who stays very active on a mental level. This is evidenced by his extraordinary accomplishments as a business person. He was a very successful financial strategist and money manager at Morgan Stanley in San Francisco. Subsequently, he founded his own firm, J.S. Oliver Capital Management, in 2004. When you are handling billions of dollars for clients, you have to be extraordinarily alert, aware, and poised for action.

Ian Oliver Mausner

In addition to the intense mental activity that he engages in, Ian Mausner also enjoys physical activities of various different kinds. He is a very adventurous thinker, and he is open to expanding his horizons. Along these lines, he has become an enthusiastic practitioner of Bikram Yoga, which is an ancient discipline that endeavors to provide mental, emotional, and physical balance. His adventurous spirit has also led him to Argentine Tango, an elegant form of dancing that can be physically demanding.

These intriguing exotic forms of exercise are augmented by more traditional athletic interests. The sport of basketball is a lot of fun, and you can find a pickup game just about anywhere. Plus, if you are by yourself, you can simply shoot baskets and work on your dribbling techniques on your own. He enjoys basketball, and he also likes to lace up his hiking shoes and hit the trails. When you get out into nature to enjoy all of the sights, smells, and sounds, you rejuvenate yourself mentally as you get a good workout. This is another mind-body-spirit endeavor that is similar to the yoga that Ian Oliver Mausner embraces.

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Ian Mausner – The San Francisco Connection

Ian Mausner has been able to experience some of the more exciting places to live in the entire world. He was born in London, England, and he spent his early childhood years across the drink in Europe. When he was ten years old, he moved to New York, so he enjoys dual American/British citizenship. After he graduated from high school, he decided to do his undergraduate work at Amherst University in Massachusetts. Amherst is a couple of hours west of Boston. Ian Mausner earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Amherst. Right after he graduated from college, he decided to enter the working world to gain some experience. He went back to New York to work at Bankers Trust.

Ian Mausner

The call for more advanced education beckoned, and he decided to move across the country to attend Stanford University. This prestigious institution of higher learning is in the Palo Alto, California, which is just thirty-five miles south of San Francisco. When you have such easy access to the “City By the Bay,” you have the ability to drink in the unique culture that permeates this very special area. He earned his MBA at Stanford, and he was fortunate enough to be offered a position at Morgan Stanley in San Francisco. He excelled during his tenure there as he continued to enjoy all that the San Francisco Bay area has to offer. Ian Oliver Mausner is now based in Southern California in Manhattan Beach, but he will always maintain that San Francisco connection.

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