Ian Oliver Mausner Learns Specialized Tango Style

The flamenco tango dance bears a close resemblance to a minuet style European dance of the 18th century. Fashions in clothing and even the crowded conditions of a dance floor have all affected the evolution of tango style. The Argentine tango danced by Ian Oliver Mausner varies from an open embrace with both parties connecting at arm’s length, to a very closed, chest-to-chest connection.

Ian Oliver Mausner

The Argentine Tango dance owes much to improvisation, as the tango dance owes its practice to the emotions and speed in the feelings of the music. Ian Oliver Mausner learns to keep feet close to the floor as dancers walk to the music, essentially feeling the steps as leader entices follower to alternate feet and to shift her weight from one foot to the other. The Argentine tango is danced counterclockwise on the outside of the dance floor, respecting certain lanes of traffic which emerge and the other dancers by avoiding crowding or impeding the movement of others. The Argentine tango relies heavily on improvisation, and within sequences and movements issues of speed, quality and manner of steps is very important.

The quality of the embrace in the Argentine tango differs markedly from that of ballroom tango, and Ian Oliver Mausner study of Argentine tango inculcates the uses of various embraces. The chests of the dancers are closer to each other than are hips in the Argentine style. In a close embrace, the partner’s chests are in contact and they dance with heads touching or very near.




Ian Oliver Mausner Trained to Join Morgan Stanley

Ian Oliver Mausner is the source of the entrepreneurial spirit and background which led to the creation of J.S. Oliver Capital Management from 2004 to 2015. But the grit and know-how which gave him the skills to act as CEO of his own firm arose from his extensive experience working in the financial industry. Prior to starting his own firm, Mausner worked for Morgan Stanley, Kidder Peabody and Montgomery Securities from 1985 to 2004, where he was a financial advisor, a money manager and promoted to Senior Managing Director at the partner level. Building the largest business in the Private Client industry, Mausner generated an excess of $42 million in fee gross in 2000, handling client assets in excess of $5 billion. Mausner joined Morgan Stanley in San Francisco after attending a 9-month training program in New York City after his Stanford graduation.

Ian Oliver Mausner

Ian Oliver Mausner’s priorities and focused changed after his divorce from his wife of 10 years in 2005. His considerable ambition and energy combined with his awareness that navigating the harrowing waters of divorce and the breakup of a significant life partnership is a traumatic event that many are not prepared to survive. Mausner’s experiences led him to write his new book, Getting Back on Top: The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships After Divorce, and to establish True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting LLC, a self-publishing firm which promotes and disseminates this guide for those suffering the confusion of a major life transition to single life.


Ian Oliver Mausner Leaves Bankers Trust for Stanford in California

The 2016 Bankers Trust Company offers retail banking services including home equity lines of credit on 5 and 10 year terms and variable interest rates, a different institution today from the expert risk management shop which Ian Oliver Mausner joined after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Wealth management advisors of today at Bankers Trust Company work with advice to customers for saving and investing. Personal banking services range from a mobile banking app to a strong ATM network and commercial banking helps business discover solutions to their needs, whether help is needed for loans, financing or treasury management concerns. Bankers Trust Company today offers a financial intelligence blog which helps customers remain cognizant of online threats as well as best practices to inform their financial security. Retirement planning services and home mortgage financing are also available.

Ian Oliver Mausner


Ever cognizant of the need for sound academic preparation for a lifelong career, Ian Oliver Mausner left his employment at Bankers Trust to work for his Master’s in Business Administration at Stanford University in Stanford, California in the United States. Originally founded by Leland Stanford, former Governor and U.S. Senator of California and railroad tycoon, in 1885, Stanford University was founded to memorialize their only child Leland Stanford Jr., who had died of typhoid fever. Through significant financial struggles, first when Leland Stanford died in 1893 and again through the damage of the San Francisco earthquake, Stanford survived to become a bastion of entrepreneurialism by both faculty and students as Silicon Valley was born, home to the technological revolution and birthplace of the Internet.