Ian Oliver Mausner Attends Amherst College in United States

Ian Oliver Mausner enjoys dual citizenship in both Britain and the United States.  Born in England, Mausner lived and was educated in London, England for the first 10 years of his life.  Moving to New York, New York of the United States at that time, Mausner completed his education in middle and high school and enrolled at Amherst College for an education in Economics.  Amherst College is in Amherst, Massachusetts in the United States, a private college devoted to the education of four year undergraduates.  Amherst offers 38 major course programs, ranked as ninth in colleges and universities in the United States by Forbes, and as the second best liberal arts college in the United States by U.D. News & World Report.
Ian Oliver Mausner
Amherst College, a highly ranked undergraduate institution of learning attended by Ian Oliver Mausner to study Economics, was founded in 1821.  The third oldest institution of post-secondary education in Massachusetts, Amherst began its life as a men’s college, switching to coeducational education in 1975.  Growing out of secondary school Amherst Academy, Amherst College was named for Jeffery, Lord Amherst, who had been a commanding general of the British in North America in colonial times.  Amherst opened in 1821 with forty-seven students, fifteen of which came with President Moore from his prior presidency at Williams College.  Early on, Amherst College experimented with different versions of the classical liberal arts education curriculum, offering a liberal arts program which focused less upon Greek and Latin, and with strong concentrations of English, French, Spanish, chemistry, economics and other modern studies which are common today.



Ian Oliver Mausner – Chaturanga like a Yoga Master

Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility. Ian Oliver Mausner is a successful finance professional, money manager, and author located in San Diego, California. He also practices Bikram yoga. He loves staying active and building strength in his body. He enjoys spending an hour practicing his yoga and developing his skills. Bikram yoga is just one of many types of yoga.

Ian Oliver Mausner

If you are new to yoga, it is important to start at the beginner’s stage. Bikram yoga takes place in a room that is heated to about 105 degree Fahrenheit. This may be too difficult for a beginner. You should consider starting with a beginners’ class. Hatha is a great type of yoga for beginners. It focuses on poses and breathing techniques. This type of yoga will help you develop your balance and your flexibility.

Vinyasa is another type of yoga. This is a fast paced yoga that often calls for constant movement. This is also a good class for beginners because many of the poses can be modified to suit your level of practice.

Bikram focuses on building flexibility and strength while detoxifying the body. This style may be more difficult for beginners. However, if you start out with easier yoga practices, you will begin to develop your strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing techniques. Once you are comfortable with most yoga poses, you should try Bikram in order to improve your overall flexibility. Ian Oliver Mausner loves practicing Bikram yoga when he has free time.


Ian Oliver Mausner – 3 Tips for Creating a Dating Profile

Getting back into the dating world can be tough, however, an online dating profile can make it a little easier. Ian Oliver Mausner is the author of “Getting Back on Top: The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships After Divorce.” He is also the president and CEO of True Romance Publishing and Relationship Consulting LLC. He often provides tips on how to start dating again.

Ian Oliver Mausner

Creating an online dating profile can be a great way to start your new single life. There are many online dating sites, and millions of people use these sites. If you are ready to sign up for online dating, you should take some time to work on your profile.

A great tip for building an attractive online dating profile is to use a good picture. Try to avoid uploading a poor quality selfie. Instead, use a recent portrait of yourself. You should pick a picture that is flattering and representative of who you are.

Another tip for building a great profile is to write out an interesting and engaging biography. This piece should not be too lengthy and it should describe your interests and what you are looking for in a partner.

A final tip is to fill out your questionnaire as accurately as possible. This will be used to find matches, so try to make it as truthful and accurate as possible in order to find the best matches. Ian Oliver Mausner runs a relationship consulting firm and is a popular relationship author.