Ian Oliver Mausner – Dual Citizenship

Ian Oliver Mausner is a financial expert and entrepreneur who currently runs three companies he started. One of them, True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting, LLC, brought out his bestselling book Getting Back on Top, a resource guide for a healthy divorce.

Ian Oliver Mausner

He earned an Economics degree from Amherst College, and later a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. In 2004 he launched J.S. Oliver Capital Management, which he operated through 2015.

Ian Oliver Mausner is an American citizen, but he is also a citizen of Great Britain, where he was born. The United States government allows dual citizenship, but not all countries do. Dual citizens are able to reap the benefits of each country where they have citizenship. They can, for example, use the social service system of both countries and cast ballots in elections, and even run for office themselves, though some countries have restrictions on that. Dual citizens can work in either country without a work permit or visa, and are allowed to have passports from both countries.

The official position of the United States is that dual citizens could find themselves legally obligated to serve in the other country’s military, and many are allowed to do so without jeopardizing their United States citizenship. But under certain circumstances, such as the two countries being at war with each other, could result in loss of U.S. citizenship.

Born in London, Ian Oliver Mausner now lives in Manhattan Beach, in southwestern Los Angeles County.


Ian Oliver Mausner – Hot Yoga

Ian Oliver Mausner is the author of Getting Back on Top: the Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships After Divorce. The book has received great accolades from its readers, and from divorce experts and mental health care professionals, who credit him with pulling together complex subject matter into an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive reference guide.

Ian Oliver Mausner

Before writing the book the author spent some thirty years in the finance industry, working with some of the leading investment companies and starting several companies of his own. Over the years he has developed many outside interests, from hiking and traveling to art and music, to an ongoing interest in Bikram yoga, which is also known as hot yoga.

Hot yoga is a demanding program in which participants assume a series of twenty-six postures. It is quite vigorous, and typically done in a studio where the thermostat is set to 105 degrees, from which the term “hot yoga” is derived. Those who participate say they start sweating almost right away, before the first exercise is even done. Advocates say there are benefits to hot yoga you can’t get for conventional yoga, such as detoxification: all that sweat helps to flush toxins from the skin. Working out in the heat also helps the body to relax, improves breathing, and focuses the mind.

There are different styles of hot yoga, such as Moksha and Bikram. Ian Oliver Mausner is partial to Bikram yoga, which is widely considered the original version of hot yoga. He is also partial to Argentine Tango.

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Ian Oliver Mausner – Half the Battle

Ian Oliver Mausner is the founder and CEO of True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting, LLC, and three other companies. Before testing his entrepreneurial skills he spent some nineteen years as a financial advisor and money manager with Morgan Stanley, Kidder Peabody and Montgomery Securities, rising to partner level status.

Ian Oliver Mausner

He is the author of Getting Back on Top, a guide for newly divorced people who are readjusting to life as a single person. It was inspired by his personal experiences after his own divorce in 2005; he remembers that at first, he had no idea what the future held as far as his love life was concerned. “I knew for starters that I wanted a better, future romantic relationship than the thirteen-year one that had just ended…but I had no inkling about the extraordinary journey that was about to start.”

One of the things that he learned was that he could not rush things, as much as he might want to. Ending a long-term relationship can be traumatic and once it’s over, you need time to heal. “Respect your loss and all that has transpired,” he advises. “Allow yourself to mourn the death of your marriage, because no matter how you feel about the situation, it is the end of an era…you have a right to cry, a right to be angry, and a right to be thrilled. Every emotion is reasonable, and you don’t need to justify it.”

It is important, says Ian Oliver Mausner, for divorced or divorcing people to find an outlet – a therapist, a friend or family member, or even writing in a journal – so you can allow yourself to have all those feelings, and without judgment. “You will be surprised that coming to terms with these emotions is sometimes half the battle of letting them go.”

Ian Oliver Mausner – The Lab of Human Experience

Ian Oliver Mausner is the author of Getting Back on Top, the Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships After Divorce, described as the ultimate resource for a healthy divorce, dating, relationships, and sex.

Ian Oliver Mausner

Ian Oliver Mausner

He was in his mid-forties when his ten-year marriage came to an end in 2005, and ill-prepared to start dating again. “Before I got divorced,” he writes, “I never would have dreamed I would someday experience crazy and unpredictable dating escapades, surprisingly aggressive and sexual women, online dating sites, life coaches and shrinks, dating and matchmaking services, trysts, [and] one-night stands.” He also experienced short and long-term relationships, friends-with-benefits relationships, and a number of other modern spins on romantic life. “And so much more that I would discover and explore!”

Realizing that so many other people were in much the same situation, he wrote his book and is marketing it through one of his companies, True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting, LLC. He has since been an adviser to many couples navigating the treacherous waters of divorce.

To those critics who say that Ian Oliver Mausner lacks the credentials to offer the consulting services that he does, he replies that over some three decades as a financial adviser and money manager, he counseled many married couples, and that he has dedicated a bit part of his life to the subject. “I have carefully documented and analyzed every aspect of the experience. Essentially, I have completed a practical, clinical Ph.D. in the lab of human experience.”

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